Friday, September 13, 2013

It's been a long, long, long time. More than a year since the last post! So sorry!
So much has happened in a year, I won't go into all that here but rather just feel this page should be updated.
Back in March I made the decision to leave retail for awhile and concentrate on creating more instead. I am so happy for that decision with no regrets though I do miss all the friendly faces of my regular customers. Some of them have found me and come to see me at my new digs....The Studio Downtown!
My husband and I actually took the leap and decided to live Downtown. We found a great apartment in an old funky building (I think an old municipal building or courthouse) we are located right next to the Courthouse in Downtown Winchester in the McEldowney Building. Our apartment is on the 4th floor (a floor which we share with a Federal Judge...pretty cool!) The apartment is very "retro" and just my style...I am having so much fun decorating and making it our home!
So....after moving here ourselves in February as I was walking through the building one day it occurred to me that maybe I should just move the studio here as well. The second floor was basically vacant and full of office spaces so I went and talked to the landlord and voila! New studio space!
The studio is now on the second floor of the same building and occupies two of the spaces space to move Magenta Moon to (that was the name of our co-op boutique shared with other artists) and the other space for The Paper Peddler! While I do not keep regular hours (this is a play space) I do encourage anyone to make an appointment to come by. The space is available to rent out for other artists who would like a place to teach a class or have a trunk show, etc. Here are just a few photos of the new space. And also, as always I am still happily selling on Etsy! If you scroll to the bottom of this page you will find a link to the Etsy shop :)

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