Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Studio at The Paper Peddler

Here they are: some pics of my studio. I put 12 pictures on here. I hope you can get some creative ideas for your own spaces. As you can see, I use items that I find and make them work for me. From my Red work table which I absolutely love, to the Library Card Catalogs that my brother found for me for FREE!!! YIPEE! The red ones I found at a Peddlers Mall but the yellow ones were the free ones and they are amazing. I finally came up with a system that I love for organizing my Die Cuts. In the Library Card drawers each drawer holds 3 letters for example; A,B,C and every Die that I have that is an A, B, or C goes into that one drawer. This works splendidly for me and for anyone who likes to mix up their letters. I love vintage type metal cabinets as they are great for storing a whole multitude of items. I even painted one a funky bright green using metal paint! I also use 12x12 drawers by Sterlite (the white plastic ones) these I have found to be so perfect for organizing everything. I store items this way by themes. Each drawer is a different theme such as little girl, Christmas, etc. These drawers will hold not just my 12x12 papers but any embellishments as well. Lastly of course I have a big comfy sofa! When I am not too busy at the store sometimes I just curl up on my comfy sofa with a great idea book full of inspiration!! I hope this has inspired you too!! -Liz

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  1. You are so organized! I am jealous. No matter how I try, I never can be. Your studio would be a dream come true!